About Pacific Inns

About Us

Pacific Inns LLC is a full-service, award winning hospitality management, development, receivership and consulting company. Founded in 1992 by Rodger Forni, Pacific Inns offers a diverse range of hands-on services to clients across multiple brands throughout the United States, from individually owned boutique hotels to major national franchises.

Presently, we operate a broad spectrum of unique and distinctive properties, many of which we own and/or partner with others to create joint ventures. Should you be the owner of several properties or interested in the hotel industry for the first time, our experienced team is committed to catering to your very select needs and walking you through every step of the process.

Our philosophy:

The promise of a pleasant experience keeps not only guests coming back, but also our clients. At Pacific Inns we are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.

This is accomplished through exceptional service, prompt support, and the highest quality products. People with integrity and an unwavering commitment to excellence are what put us ahead of other management companies.